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DRC Privacy Policy

Last updated: November 2, 2020


The Downtown Residents Council is a resource for residents of the Central Business District to exchange experiences and express local concerns. Our Members come from all walks of life, sharing a love for living in Downtown Cincinnati and a common interest in improving the overall quality of life within our city. As individuals and as a group, we have a vision of a vibrant, 24-hour city, with all its necessary amenities.

We are a diverse, not-for-profit, non-political group that meets in Downtown Cincinnati, typically on the second Tuesday of each month. At the end of each hour-long DRC informational meeting, we invite visitors to share any announcements, non-political and with a 2-minute time limit.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information
To provide service to you, we collect some necessary information, such as your name and email address, and other information you provide such as street address, telephone number, and business details. We do not disclose personal information except as required by law.

Giving consent for others

When you register a guest for an event or enter another person’s information as part of your Household membership, we use it only for our operational purposes, as we do with your information. We may contact a person whose information you provide, in order to share more with them about the group; you or they may contact us to opt out.

Photo release

Occasionally we take photos during our events to promote DRC on our website and social media. When you attend an event, there’s a possibility your photo will be taken and later shared on our site, or other media.

If copying a picture from our site and using it anywhere else, you must list the photo credit.

Third-party applications

We do not share any member information with third-party applications, except as needed to provide service to you.  Our member list and member information are not shared with any local or third-party businesses.

Contact us

If you ever need to contact us, or change or delete your information, please send an email to info@ilivedowntown.com. We can also be reached by mail at:
Downtown Residents Council
Post Office Box 868 Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-0868

If you want to update your own profile information in the system (for example: you’ve changed addresses), or change your email subscription preferences, you can do so by logging in to Wild Apricot and clicking your name at the top right to go to your profile (https://ilivedowntown.wildapricot.org/Sys/Profile). Then, click Edit Profile.
Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon.