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Report of February 2, 2023, by Alan Bunker, Chairperson

Following are my recorded highlights from attending the Safe/Clean/Beautiful Committee meeting of February 2, 2023.

Captain Adam Hennie and Officer Christopher Loreaux of the Cincinnati Police Department briefly reported that there was more violent crime downtown in the last few years but less in the last few months. As the police and other agencies continue their focus on Government Square, the situation there is improving. Additional buses are moving the students through the area faster than before, thus reducing the large number of persons gathered there.

During 2022, the 3CDC received 1,145 requests – 44% for outreach services; 25% for ambassador services; 15% for community events, and the rest for miscellaneous kinds of assistance.

A decreasing number of homeless has been noticed along Third and Race Streets. Many of them are seeking warm shelter which ends in March. GeneroCity 513 reported that the number of unsheltered chronically homeless throughout downtown has been declining due to the agency’s focused efforts.

Orange (and red) colored ‘no parking’ cones are becoming numerous along the streets as people use them to reserve parking spots for their personal vehicles. Complaints about the disrepair of sidewalk pavers along 4th Street continue. Repairs cannot be made until the weather warms. Construction will continue at the Main Public Library into 2024. A representative of VisitCincy described two conventions coming in the next few months. One of them will attract thousands of members of the American Choral Association.

The DRC’s report included a description of the members’ removal of holiday decorations from Piatt Park, and the DRC’s recently passed 2023 budget, over one-third of it designated for beautification projects.

In other DRC matters, small amounts of litter were found and removed from along the Path. As we have done for the last several years, we entered into a contract with the city park department for them to plant and maintain five large flower planters along the streets during 2023 to help to make downtown appear…clean, green and safe!