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About the Downtown Residents’ Council

The Downtown Residents’ Council was founded in 1985 to promote the central business district as an exciting place to live, work and play as well as to give residents an opportunity to exchange experiences and express concerns to city representatives. Members come from all walks of life, sharing a love for living downtown and a common interest in improving overall quality of life within our city. The DRC has a vision of a vibrant, 24-hour city.

In addition to monthly meetings where we hear from police about crime and other issues and discuss concerns of residents, we have regular social activities that help build a sense of community among downtown residents. We also engage in a wide variety of projects designed to encourage downtown living and otherwise contribute to an enhanced quality of life.

Our accomplishments have been extensive. They include:

  • Winning passage of a city law banning late night loud noise
  • Contributing to placement of trash cans on streets
  • Placement and maintenance of planters in residential areas
  • Enticing developers to create exciting residential projects
  • Placement of patio furniture in Piatt Park
  • Decorating Piatt Park during the Holiday season
  • Clean-up projects too numerous to mention
  • Sponsorship of youth programs at the Public Library
  • Organizing and sponsoring tours to showcase downtown housing
  • Worked with Cincinnati Police to establish Citizen on Patrol Teams